Dream Queen


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Dream Queen has a THC content ranges between 17% and a high of 22%.

Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Pine

Effects: Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Focused, Euphoric

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches

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Dream Queen, a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, produces bright green buds covered with vivid orange pistils. Aromas and flavors include berries and citrus, with undertones of mint and freshly churned soil. You may catch a hint of bubblegum, mango, or pineapple.

After consumingDream Queen, a cerebral high is immediate causing the consumer to become slightly spacey. Mood elevates, energy will rise, and social anxiety will dissipate (leaving you in a talkative mood). Indica effects take place after two to three hours, causing light sleepiness. This strain can be consumed throughout the day for help with focus, but beware of the sedating effects once the high wears down. This strain can help alleviate minor aches, pains, stress, and anxiety.

While this Sativa dominant (70%) hybrid won’t turn you into Ron Jeremy, it will at least make you as cool as Ron Burgundy! In all seriousness, this cross of Blue Dream and Space Queen will provide you with a noticeable burst of energy along with an unforgettable high. With some strains packing a THC content of 22%, Dream Queen can kick your ass if you don’t know what you’re doing!

One of the main reasons why this strain is ideal for wild sex is the speed at which it affects you. In a matter of minutes, you will feel a powerful cerebral high that takes you all the way to the cosmos and back. We recommend using it up to half an hour before sex, as it may take you that long to return to Earth!

Eventually, though, you will benefit from sharper focus and an extreme feeling of energy. At this stage, you’ll look at your other half and begin lustfully thinking of all the things you want to do to them — and things you want them to do to you!

Negative effects include anxiousness, dizziness, or a headache if too much is consumed at once.

Growers will take delight in knowing Dream Queen is easy to cultivate, producing medium-sized yields. It has a short flowering period ranging between six and eight weeks.


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