Month: October 2017

So I was dumb enough to sign up for quixtar before

I understood it was a rip , who do I get out of it ?? I just signed up a week ago , haven’t bought anything or done anything with it .

Since u haven’t done anything, I think you can do just that… keep on doing nothing on it. If anyone follows up, pretend that you’re doing fine, still “getting there”, but you’ve really stopped. Then later on, you can pick a time and say, “I quit”. Or, just say, “I quit.” It’s your choice to provide the info on why.

My sister signed up in my brother’s MLL (Forever Living), but that’s that. Nothing else. No one ran after her.
Not even my brother. I signed up in the same MLL under a friend, but now I’m in the process of leaving.
I just cease getting products, and not turning up at seminars anymore. Good thing we recently changed our phone number. I didn’t tell my recruiting friend yet, cause if he knew, he’d call and pester me to come back. He’d blab all the moralistic baloney, like “what about your dreams” and “why so negative”, everything that was taught in the seminars. Makes me wonder why he buys into them so much. I think people who don’t have a very good degree of moral training are easy to snare into MLLs.

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Well I had a few minutes and checked out that site :)

It is NOT the NWTW system but I believe it is the system from which the NWTW was modeled. I know exactly who the upline mentioned in the scripts is and she’s been around for many, many years. One of the very few who is making BIG money (millions).

The system is almost identical to the NWTW, however they don’t seem to have some of the misleading information and comments in their scripts.

Anyway, there will always be a few BIG money makers at the top in these MLLs; we all know that. What people prospects need to remember when they are approached by MLLers is that the phrase “If (s)he can do it (make millions), so can I!” is not reasonable, plain and simple.
It’s a numbers game and they will NEVER add up the same for everyone even if everyone does the same thing!

They will try to convince and pursuade you to join using all the success stories of the people who go to these recruiting seminars, but in this system, the reality is that there are OVERĀ  1,000,000 Easylife distributors worldwide. I would guess that perhaps. 5% of them are doing well. What’s going on with the other 99.5%??

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