Vaping or Smoking – Which Is Better for Consuming Cannabis

Vaping or Smoking

Cannabis is one of the most controversial yet extremely popular choices of recreational purposes. Preferred equally by male and female users, cannabis has widespread popularity in almost every city of the United States and Canada. However, it has not gained a legal usage status in every area. Therefore, purchase cannabis carefully and use it in a responsible manner. If you are someone, who has recently tasted cannabis and is in dilemma in finding the best way to use cannabis, scrolling down a bit can be helpful. When it comes to cannabis, many users still have a common question, whether they should go for vaping or smoking. Though both can make you feel high, vaping is nowadays believed to be a much better process compared to smoking.

Vaping is a comparatively new phenomenon and is done by collecting the active substances from dried weeds or the herb. Unlike smoking, which requires burning of the weed, vaping uses heated steam to bring out the active ingredients. With the difference in the procedure of using the weed, the effects on the user also change to some significant extent. After comparing both processes, six reasons have been listed below, which makes vaping a much better choice compared to smoking.

Privacy matters

Even though marijuana is now legalized in many states, there are people, who still consider this to be a taboo. Therefore, smoking in front of them might be a bit tricky. However, if you opt for vaping with modern portable vaporizers, it will be easier for you to maintain privacy. Not only the size but also the modern vaporizers emit a fine odor and are completely different from the smell caused due while smoking weeds using the traditional method. As the vaporizers emit a fine smell you can carry them anywhere and use it without raising the eyebrows of others. 

Taste is important

Owing to the difference in the method of using the weed, the smell and taste of cannabis also change while vaping. When you are vaping cannabis, you will be able to get the real taste of the cannabis with some added flavors. Cannabis users who have switched to smoking from vaping have appreciated vaping as it gives the opportunity to get the real essence of the herb and does not get it overwhelmed with smoke.

Good for your pocket

Purchasing a vaporizer might be a dear task but it is actually good for your pocket as vaping does not have negative health effect like smoking. As you get health benefit by smoking weeds, the process becomes more effective compared to smoking and is also good for health.

A wide range of choices

There is no dearth of choices for vaporizers when you opt for making a purchase. You can select your color or size as per your requirement. Depending on your preference, you can go for the ceramic coated vaporizers, which protects dried herbs from being stuck to the vaporizer walls.

The desired effect

Compared to smoking cannabis, vaping gives you a much more effective result. It is more meaningful to say that vaping gives a better kick. Unlike smoking which gives you a sensation of heaviness, vaping makes you feel lighter and you do not get drowsiness. Users state that vaping increases their creativity gives a boost to their mood and gives a really pleasant feel.

To conclude, it will not be an exaggeration to say that vaping is an ideal choice for those who do not want the unnecessary attraction of people and prefer to lead their lives in their own terms.

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